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For an individual, is just pursuing happiness enough?

Many people told me that the most important thing is to live in happiness, live in comfort, or told me not to give something a second thought, but just do what I feel happy about.

However, I'm suspicious of these attitudes towards life. On the contrary, in my opinion, things like depression, difficulty, loneliness and emptiness are also making sense. The meaning of life, to me, depends on whether you need it. If you need it, well, just chase it for achieving it. If not, it isn't that there is no meaning but instead that the concept of meaning doesn't exist. And I, for one, have chosen the former. I want to lead a meaningful life, even if it's only meaningful to me.

A meaningful life doesn't means a life only filled with pleasure. The depression when facing a body blow, the hardness when studying in the classroom and the loneliness when running in the playground alone are important as well. Because they are creating my unique memories making me the person I am.

Consequently, I won't be satisfied with a simple and happy life.Even so, I'll probably be an optimist. But I'll keep myself open to the unexpected.


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